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Black Bath Mats

step into deluxe darkness with our black bath mats.

What good is a hot, relaxing shower if it ends with you shivering on an icy bathroom floor? Discover the small but mighty details of comfort with our super soft collection of black bath mats. Say goodbye to bland and boring bathroom decor – and say hello to the timeless, effortlessly elegant style statement of black home furnishings. Shop the collection.

All our black bath mats are made from 100% cotton fabric, for a soft, breathable and super-absorbent finish that’s nothing short of spa-worthy. The sturdy non-slip lining is designed to keep you steady on your feet in the slipperiest of circumstances. Our ultra-thick cotton fabric reaches highs of 1,800 GSM, for absorbance and drying power that’s second to none.

Black Bath Mats


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