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Green Bath Mats

sink into natural serenity with our green bath mats.

Introduce the healing hues of nature to your bathroom with our signature selection of green bath mats. Explore stunning sage, emerald and olive green shades, in a range of plain, tufted and tasseled boho designs – guaranteed to breathe new life into any bathroom space. Shop the collection today.

All our green bath mats are made from the highest quality 100% cotton fabric, for a sumptuously soft finish that’ll give your toes some serious TLC. They’re woven with sturdy non-slip lining, meaning no more tiptoeing out of the shower or fretting over slips and spills. Our plush and plump cotton mats soar to heights of almost 2000 GSM thickness – for unstoppable absorbency and drying that’s second to none.

Green Bath Mats


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Our selection of green bath mats brings together the finest signature designs, ensuring you don’t waste another day without stepping out in style. 

Featuring sage green bath mats with tasseled boho and pom pom detailing, olive and emerald green options with animal and textured geometric patterns, and cute bobble weaving that’s irresistibly playful – our collection is soaking in style.

All our green bath mats are made from the highest quality 100% cotton fabric, for dreamy cloudlike comfort that’ll leave you struggling to step off. They’re impossibly plush – reaching heights of almost 2000 GSM thickness – and take care of spills, splashes and potential slips without breaking a sweat. 

Absorbent and quick-drying, you won’t have to worry about stepping out onto a damp or waterlogged bath mat.

how to care for your green bath mat.

Whether you’re after a bathroom style makeover, or simply want to get rid of the stress that comes with slippery floor surfaces – it’s important to keep your green bath mat in good nick.

We’re all aware that the bathroom isn’t exactly the most hygienic space in the home, and can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew if not scrubbed regularly. Your bath mat is no different, and damp cotton weaving makes the perfect fertile ground for nasty germs and bacteria to thrive.

But fear not – we’ve broken down exactly what you need to do to keep your bath mat clean and pristine, while not losing any softness or comfort-factor over time. 

Make sure to launder your mat regularly, every two-to-three weeks at least. Many of our green bath mats are machine-washable, but make sure to check your label for any specific guidelines. 

Give your mat a good shake before putting it in the washing machine. This will get rid of any loose dirt, dust or hair that’s caught on the surface of the fabric. 

Put your bath mat in the washing machine by itself, and wash on a cool-to-lukewarm setting. Washing your mat in a mixed load can cause clothes fibers to transfer over and clog the breathable cotton weave. In a similar way, washing with too much heat will cause the cotton fibres to unravel and lose their strength. 

Don’t use too much detergent, and add an extra rinse to your washing cycle to make sure all the soap runs out. Half your usual amount of detergent will do, as too much will cause a build-up in the mat’s fibres – leading to poorer absorbency and a loss of softness over time.

Tumble dry on a low heat, and shake your mat periodically to loosen up the fires and quicken drying time. You can also hang it out to air dry, for an eco-friendly alternative that’s just as effective.