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Rectangular Bath Mats

step into heavenly softness with our rectangular bath mats.

Our invitingly warm and cloud-soft rectangular bath mats collection will make you wonder how you ever stepped out of the shower onto a cold bathroom floor. Featuring a variety of abstract, tasseled and nature-inspired designs, our rectangular bath mats bring elegant style and comfort in a range of eye-catching colours. Shop the collection today.

Designed with secure non-slip lining that’ll keep you firmly on your feet in the slipperiest and steamiest of bathrooms, our rectangular bath mats bring the highest levels of function as well as style. Made in the UK from the finest high-GSM 100% cotton fabric, experience premium absorption that’ll never leave a stray splash or puddle behind. Their quick-drying quality also means that you’ll never have to set foot on a damp or waterlogged bath mat again.

Rectangular Bath Mats


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Life is all about the little luxuries, and with our super-soft 100% cotton bath mats you can enjoy a little slice of plush luxury every time you hop out of the shower. 

Forget the days of fretting over slips, anxiously treading around puddles and leaving behind a string of soapy footprints. Our rectangular bath mats provide the perfect functional and stylish solution to soak up your bath-time worries. 

Toe-lovingly thick and luxuriously plush, our range of bath mats soars to glorious highs of 1900 GSM thickness. This means ultra-strong absorption that makes light work of splashes, drips and puddles – ensuring a crisply fresh and cloud-soft experience for your feet every time. 

They’re also made with effective non-slip lining, designed to keep you firmly on your feet even in the most steamy and slippery of conditions. You’ll be hopping out of the shower or bath with newfound confidence, safe in the knowledge that our sturdy bath mats will keep you steady. 

how to keep your rectangular bath mat fresh and soft.

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a blissfully steamy shower and feeling your toes sink into a bath mat that’s damp, soggy or just plain unclean. 

However, too much washing and drying can cause a bath mat to become worn, scratchy or even clogged with detergent. 

Not to fear, however – we’ve got a range of tips and tricks to help keep your bath mat fresh, fluffy and worthy of a spot in the spa. 

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your bath mat gets a wash at least once every two to three weeks. Most mats will do fine in a cold-to-lukewarm wash, but no two are the same, so it’s important to make sure you’re using the right method. All our 100% cotton bath mats are machine washable, but make sure to check the label for any specific cleaning guidelines.

Give your rectangular bath mat a quick shake before putting it in the machine to get rid of any loose dust or dirt. Make sure to wash your mat on its own, and avoid mixing with other colours or fabrics. The colours can run, and fabric fibres from clothes can transfer over onto your bath mat causing damage to the weave. 

If you’re using laundry detergent, go for half the usual amount and add an extra rinse to the cycle to ensure all the soap gets washed out. Detergents and fabric softeners can get trapped in the fine cotton fibres of bath mats, causing them to lose their absorption and fluffy texture over time. 

Once the wash is over, give your mat another shake before popping it in the dryer. This will loosen up the cotton fibres, allowing for a more effective dry and a plush ruffled feeling that’s dreamily soft. 

Tumble dry on a low heat, or line-dry for an eco-friendly alternative that’s easy on delicate fabrics. 

Et voila – you’ve got a rectangular bath mat that’s spa-fresh and ready to keep you safe and cosy for time to come.