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get to know: our totally roarsome Tibetan Tiger duvet cover set.


The hunt for your new favourite bedding is over. Discover our totally roarsome Tibetan Tiger duvet cover sets. A stunning unique design where inspiration has come from the symbolic tiger motif and Tibetan culture.

Originating from Asia, Tigers are our most iconic and largest cat species in the world. They can reach more than 3 metres in length and can grow to be as heavy as 300 kilograms. Unfortunately though, Tigers have been declared as endangered. The population in the wild has severely dwindled in the 20th century and according to WWF there are only around 3900 tigers remaining. One of the main threats to the population is poaching, though with the assistance of Tiger protectors, they are slowly making a comeback.

As top predators, tigers play their role in helping to keep their environment healthy. Without tigers in the wild, herbivores would overgraze and damage the land. Which would result in disrupting the balance of the local environment which would also massively impact local people and the wildlife.

Easily recognisable by their trademark stripes on deep orange/red fur, Tigers are a symbol for courage, strength and willpower. In particular, tigers are incredibly symbolic in Tibet and its neighboring cultures. In Tibet the tiger represents a symbol of good luck, these exotic creatures are regarded as protectors from evil spirits. Respected worldwide for their courage and fearlessness, it’s no surprise that people are loving this completely empowering, fierce tiger motif in today’s fashion and interior market.

(Left Tibetan Tiger duvet cover set face, right Tibetan Tiger duvet cover set reverse)

Our Tibetan Tiger duvet cover set in Coral is an ode to the fearless animal. Our iconic motif of the crawling tiger has been hand drawn by our team of talented designers, in Yorkshire. This bold and brave duvet cover set has an equally stunning contrasting tribal reverse. This reversible design feature is perfect if you fancy switching it up during the week to give your bedroom a refresh.

Made from super snuggly easy care polycotton, this duvet set is beautifully soft yet durable. You’ll be so comfortable cocooning yourself in this duvet set, you might not won’t want to get out of bed - you’ve been warned!

Perhaps you like the design but not sure how to style it at home. Let us give you some inspiration of how some of our customers have styled it...

(Photo credit: Left luna_lindsays_life, right thehexagonalhouse)

(Photo credit: Left inside.number.twelve, right thehousethatjenbuilt_)

Unleash your wild side with our Tibetan Tiger duvet cover set. This bold and brave design will completely transform your bedroom. Make your home come alive!