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Animal Bath Mats

avoid slips in style with our animal bath mats.

There’s nothing quite like taking that first step out of the shower on a chilly night and sinking your toes into a warm, plush bath mat. Designed to the highest standards of comfort, style, and non-slip safety, our luxurious animal bath mats range boasts stunning exotic designs – energising your bathroom with a taste of the wild. Shop the collection today.

Made from 100% extra-soft cotton fabric, our animal bath mats come out on top for comfort as well as function. Their non-slip lining will have you hopping out of the bath with confidence, and the 1800 GSM fabric thickness means that any splashes or puddles are easily absorbed. Our bath mats are also quick-drying and don’t stay damp for long, giving your freshly-washed feet a pampering experience every time.

Animal Bath Mats


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From charming two-toned animal designs to fun animal shaped bath mats, our collection offers an exotic twist on traditional bathroom décor. Designed to keep you safe in style, all our bath mats are woven with efficient non-slip lining that’ll keep you balanced and sturdy. Our 1800 GSM fabric is super absorbent, and has no problem quickly soaking up puddles, splashes and spills. 

Made from the softest fibres of 100% cotton fabric, our quick-drying animal bath mats ensure a warm and dry experience – promising luxuriously fresh treatment for your feet every time. 

how to style animal bath mats.

Whether you’re simply looking for a friendlier surface for your freshly-showered toes, or you want to add some wildlife-inspired luxe to your bathroom – our collection of animal bath mats has exactly what you need. From two-toned jungle and pastoral designs to audacious animal prints, we’ve got styles to fit any and all tastes, with plush cotton fabric that’s second to none. So, explore the collection and add a bold touch of luxury and comfort to your bathroom today. 

Just like any other room in your space, the bathroom can really be brought to life by even the smallest of stylistic accents. Since it’s common for bathrooms to come in neutral hues like white and grey, they often lack diversity in their colour schemes and can appear dull. The bathroom is seen as a place of utility rather than style, and is often neglected when it comes to implementing an interior design. Due to the high amounts of water and the potential splashing that can take place in the bathroom, it’s also thought to be an impractical and difficult room to style – leading to many of us simply not giving our bathrooms the stylistic attention they deserve.  

But, who’s to say we can’t show our bathrooms a bit of love and get them to match the elegance our space has elsewhere? Our animal bath mats range is the perfect option for those looking to introduce an element of opulence to their restroom.

Looking to inject some stripped-back, refined elegance into your bathroom? Our two-toned animal bath mats introduce bold exotic illustrations, while maintaining a level of low-key sophistication. Available in a range of brightly-popping hues – these are a perfect option if you’re looking to add a room-lifting focal point to your restroom, without going over-the-top. 

If over-the-top is kind of your thing, however – we’ve still got you covered. We’ve got a range of animal shaped bath mats that will turn a bland bathroom into one of the most exciting and dramatic spaces in your home. Available in a variety of colours and designs, they’ll add an eccentric bohemian feel to your bathroom that’ll create a great sense of playful energy. Pair with potted indoor plants and a few bright animal towels for a cohesive jungle-inspired look.