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Egyptian Cotton Towels

indulge in the ultimate luxury of Egyptian cotton towels.

Made with cotton grown on the banks of the Nile, our Egyptian cotton towels are soft, plush and luxurious. Wrap yourself up after a shower or softly dry your hands after washing them – you’ll notice the difference with our collection. Choose from a range of stunning colours designed to complete your bathroom’s look. Shop the collection today. Our luxury Egyptian cotton towels are made with 600gsm cotton, which is generously thick and soft to the touch. Designed with a basket weave band at either end, they are well finished and effortlessly stylish.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian cotton towels at

Discover our collection of luxurious Egyptian cotton towels. Browse both hand and bath towels, so whether you’re drying off after a bath or freshening up your hands, you’ll be enveloped with beautiful softness.

Need help buying the right towels? Take a look at our towel buying guide for everything you need to know.

what is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton refers to where the cotton was grown – in this instance, on the banks of the river Nile. It can’t be called Egyptian cotton if it hasn’t been grown in Egypt.

So why is Egyptian cotton so special? There are a couple of things. The first, is that Egypt has a unique climate, which as it turns out is perfect for cotton plants. It makes the yarn super fine and long.

Egyptian cotton is handpicked (as opposed to machine harvested) which means that the delicate fibres don’t get damaged. This means that the cotton is stronger when it gets made into towels or bedding, giving it longevity.

Egyptian cotton is considered the best, because it feels super soft and it lasts longer than other cotton. It’s also more porous, making it super absorbent - ideal for towels!

how to wash Egyptian cotton towels.  

Always follow the care instructions on the label when it comes to washing and caring for your luxury Egyptian cotton towels. The beauty of Egyptian cotton is that it actually gets softer over time as you wash it. So you don’t need fabric softener to make it soft (we’d recommend avoiding using fabric softener on your towels as a rule anyway!)

Wash before your first use, to soften up those long fibres, with a cool, gentle cycle and leave to air dry.