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Fox Cushions

introduce bushy-tailed beauty with our fox cushions.

Known for their cunning, quickness and superb ability to sniff out a snack – the red fox is one of Britain’s most beloved native animals. With hand-drawn woodland scenes covered in rustic florals, pared-back portraits and elegant jewel-toned designs – our fox cushions explore every angle of Britain’s favourite bushy-tailed friend. Shop the collection.

Many of our fox cushion covers are designed and printed right here in the UK, and can be ordered either separately or pre-filled with our durable polyester or plush duck feather pads. Burrow into a den of luxury with sumptuous velvet reverses and piped trims, or embrace the rustic country look with our quaint and muted watercolour designs.

Fox Cushions


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Whether you’re after the finishing touches for your country-style home, looking to capture the magic of rustic woodlands, or simply want to dedicate a decor piece to your favourite animal – our fox cushions collection is for you.

They’re the ideal accent for British heritage and wildlife-inspired homes, guaranteed to bring a refreshing touch of natural beauty to your space. Explore soothing neutral shades that capture the quiet of the countryside, and a variety of sage and forest greens that’ll give your space a fresh woodland touch.

Our fox cushion covers can be bought separately, or come pre-filled with our plump polyester or sumptuous duck feather pads.

Need help deciding which filling to go for? Our handy cushion filling guide is stuffed with helpful tips and tricks – covering everything you need to know before making a purchase.

If sizes have you stumped, or you want to know how to fill cushions yourself – our cushion sizing guide has you covered.

which cushion filling is right for me?

So, you’ve settled on your favourite fox cushion designs and you’re ready to go, but what about the inner pads? When it comes to our different cushion fillings, the main thing to remember is that one isn’t necessarily better than the other. 

The filling you should choose depends on what kind of look you’re after, the feeling and texture you prefer, what kind of space you’re decorating, and a host of other factors that are unique from person to person. 

If you prefer a classic cushion feel that’s big on durability, our hollowfibre polyester filling might be the one for you. It’s an extremely fine synthetic fibre made with hollow strands of polyester, and gives the cushion a crisp airy feel that’s soft but firm. 

Our polyester pads are impressively elastic, easily keeping their shape over time for a freshly-plumped look that doesn’t fade. They’re the perfect option for busier spaces like the family home, and will have no trouble absorbing a general bit of rough and tumble.

Duck feather is the winning option if you’re after pure comfort and plush luxury, providing sumptuous softness that’s a dream to look at when freshly plumped. The filling compresses and expands when pressed, leading to a sinking feeling akin to memory foam.

Our duck feather filling is also the most eco-friendly option. It’s made from 100% washed duck feathers that are ethically sourced. The feathers are also fully compostable, and can be emptied straight into your compost bin.