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Highland Cow Cushions

capture the majestic charm of the mountains with highland cow cushions.

Known for its exceptional hardiness and tolerance for bitterly cold weather, the Scottish highland cow is an age-old symbol of natural beauty and rustic country life. Featuring signature hand-drawn designs and quaint hessian and tartan fabric reverses, our highland cow cushions collection brings the rural charm of this endearing creature right to your décor. Shop the collection today.

Printed and sewn with care in our very own UK factory, our highland cow cushions are made from the finest linen and polyester fabrics for a cloud-soft finish that doesn’t compromise on quality. Choose from our hard-wearing polyester or luxurious duck feather pre-filled pads, or buy your highland cow cushion covers separately.

Highland Cow Cushions

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Bring an endearing touch of countryside beauty to your décor with our selection of highland cow cushions. We’ve got a range of mellow neutral-hued options, as well as bolder designs with a tasteful splash of colour. 

Our textured hessian weaving and quaint tartan designs perfectly capture the simple grace of country life, and fit seamlessly with rustic or farmhouse interior styles. 

Buy your cushion covers separately and fill yourself, or choose from our quality polyester or duck feather pre-filled options. 

Our hard-wearing polyester inner pads are designed for the general rough-and-tumble of busy spaces like the family home. They’ve got no problem with well-wearing environments, and keep their shape extremely well over time. So your cushions will always keep that first-day look and feel.

Our duck feather filling pads are the perfect option if you want an indulgent experience that’s all about comfort. They’re incredibly soft and plush, sinking like memory foam for a cloud-like experience you won’t find anywhere else. Give your feather-filled cushion a quick plumping and you’ll discover next-level comfort that’s truly one of a kind. 

Still stuck? Our cushion inner pads guide takes you through every step of finding the perfect cushion filling for your space.  

how to style highland cow cushions. 

Countryside animal illustrations and motifs are a great way of bringing a rustic or farmhouse edge to your décor. 

While they’re similar styles and are often coupled together, there are a few important differences to keep in mind if you want to give either of these looks a try. 

Rustic interior design is all about keeping things simple by putting practicality above all else. It celebrates the rugged, straight-forward beauty of nature through use of organic materials and traditional fixtures like wood-burning fireplaces. It’s a bit more pared-back than farmhouse style, so pair your highland cow cushions with some plain jutecream or brown cushions to create a textured, earthy colour scheme.

Farmhouse interior design has a lot of similarities to the rustic look, but the key difference is that farmhouse style gives comfort and cosiness top priority – leading to a slightly softer and lighter aesthetic. Think plush farm animal cushions with quaint tartan patterns, bright and comfy kitchen seat pads, and vintage ornaments or heirloom pieces that are brimming with character.

To really nail the rustic or farmhouse look, make sure you take a look at our range of rustic home furnishings and country home furnishings. They’re packed full of organic materials, quaint designs and countryside imagery to give your space a fresh breeze of rural charm.