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Peter Rabbit™ Cushions

add adorable comfort to your home with our Peter Rabbit™ cushions.

Discover cushions printed with delightful Peter Rabbit designs. With hand-drawn illustrations of the beloved bunny in his trademark blue jacket – you’ll be instantly transported back to the joys of childhood. There’s everything from funky florals to sleepy slogans to inject some charming Beatrix Potter into your interiors. Shop the collection today. Our Peter Rabbit™ cushions come in an array of different textures, shapes and sizes. Browse super-soft cottons and polyesters as well as sumptuous velvets. Many of our cushions are available to buy as cover only, or for a ready-filled cushion you can choose between deluxe feather or classic polyester-filled.

Peter Rabbit™ Cushions


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Peter Rabbit™ cushions at

All things wonderful and whimsical, add playfulness to your sofas and beds with our Peter Rabbit™ cushions. 

In our stunning collection of cushions, you’ll find Peter Rabbit brought to life with a series of delightful hand-drawn illustrations. See a sleepy Peter dreaming sweetly in a sky full of stars and spot him hopping through Mr McGregor’s vegetable patch with his famous stolen carrots!

With everything from monochrome prints to bold colourful designs, there’s something for every room and everyone. A Peter Rabbit™ cushion will make the perfect gift – whether it’s baby’s first cushion or you just have a Beatrix Potter fan in your midst, we have Peter aplenty! 

Shop the whole Peter Rabbit™ collection.

Snuggle down in style – find everything from pom-pom fringes and piped trims to velvet reverses and polka dot patterns, all Peter themed! Durable and super-soft, our cushions provide you with not only the cutest covers but copious amounts of comfort when you sit down. 

If you’ve already got a cushion pad and simply want a new Peter Rabbit™ cushion cover, we’ve got you covered! Loads of our cushions are available as a cover only option. And if you need the whole works, you can choose between deluxe feather or classic polyester for a ready-filled cushion.

All our Peter Rabbit™ cushions have a stylish reverse – with one side featuring the charming bunny design and the other a smooth, plain velvet in a contrasting colour. This means you’ll have the option to change up your sofa-scape quickly and easily, although we think you should keep it on the Peter side because just look at those whiskers!

Complete with hidden zip closures, our cushions have a sleek and seamless appearance. It also means you can pop the cover off whenever it needs a clean. Always follow the instructions on the care label before washing your Peter Rabbit™ cushion covers.

If you’re not 100% sure on which cushion is best for you and your home, hop over to our cushion buying guide for extra advice.

snuggle up in scandi woods.

Our Scandi Woods collection is light, fresh and neutral. It’ll fit seamlessly into many décors with its minimal style. Featuring the adorable Beatrix Potter quote from the original story: “eating too much lettuce makes me sleepy”, Peter Rabbit is curled up in a nest of leaves, fast asleep from too much baby gem… or iceberg… we’ll leave it up to you to decide what Mr McGregor grows in his veg patch. Who knows, maybe this cushion will encourage your kids to eat their greens!

Ideal for your little one’s bedroom and the living room alike, if you have a clean, feminine style living room, this cushion will fit right in. Begin with a pink sofa and layer on cushions in neutral and peachy tones. Pop an orange wallpaper on the wall and place a pink rug on the floor. To complete the look, go luxury with a velvet pouffe. You can put your feet up, lean back against your Peter Rabbit™ cushion and relax after eating too much lettuce.

rest your head with sleepy head.

Our Sleepy Head collection is totally adorable. Peter Rabbit is one snuggly bunny as he catches some z’s amongst the stars in the curve of a crescent moon. These cushions are available in midnight blue, striking ochre and blush pink so you can create a variety of looks.

These cushions are a must in the bedroom – yours, or your little ones. Create the dreamiest of bed-scapes by arranging them atop your duvet. Take a look at our bed layering guide for a bed that dreams are made of. For the ultimate sleepy vibes, match up with a duvet from the Sleepy Head collection to get you drifting off to sleep in no time.