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Plain Towels

swathe yourself in simple luxury with our plain towels.

The feeling of enveloping yourself in the cosiness of a fluffy towel is hard to beat. With our stunning selection of plain towels, you can bring the clean, pristine and heavenly-soft feeling of spa-day comfort right to your bathroom. Choose from a range of sleek plain designs, from cool silver and white to blush pink and jewel tones. Shop the collection today.

Create your ideal plain towel set with our handy sizing options. From plush little face cloths to extravagant bath sheets, simply choose your sizes and add to bag. Explore textured weaves, luxurious Egyptian cotton and combed cotton fabrics – offering plush and pillowy comfort you won’t find elsewhere. With a plump 650gsm fabric thickness, you'll be savouring every moment spent drying off.

Plain Towels


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From super absorbent textured weaves to luxurious combed and Egyptian cotton towels you won’t be able to resist wrapping yourself up in, we’ve got stunning plain towels for every occasion.

Create your dream plain towel set with our easy-to-use sizing option, allowing you to kit your bathroom out with stylish matching designs. Our dainty face cloths are the perfect finishing touch for your skincare routine, and our handy multipack options mean that you’ll always have the freshest of fabric on standby. We’ve got soft, soothing hand towels that’ll give you a sink-side experience like never before, and inviting bath towels and sheets that’ll have you wrapping yourself up without a second thought.

Discover refined grey, white and natural shades that scream spa luxury, or eye-catching blush, ochre and green shades to bring a splash of character to your bathroom.

Not sure where to start? Our handy towel buying guide is dripping with handy tips and tidbits, ensuring you end up with the perfect towel for you.

how to keep your plain towels fresh and fluffy.

Our super thick and fluffy towels are the epitome of luxurious comfort, but it’s not always easy to keep that first-day-freshness over time. 

Regular machine-washing and tumble-drying is important for keeping your towels clean and hygienic, but it can cause the fibres to become distressed, stiff and scratchy. Even our spa-quality high-gsm plain towels can become a bit rough with heavy use. 

However, there are plenty of tips and tricks to keep your towels feeling fluffy and opulent over long periods of time. 

To keep your towels at maximum levels of luxury, try to avoid mixing them with bed sheets and clothes in the washing machine. Washing towels in a mixed load can cause fibres and colours to transfer over, having a contaminating effect on the look and feel of your freshly-bought towels. 

The soft cotton fabric of our plain towels means that they need lots of room to breathe and fully rinse out in the washing machine, so avoid overloading at all costs. 

Too much bleach or detergent can cause permanent damage to towel fibres, as their high absorbency makes it hard for cleaning products to rinse out fully. Try cutting back on the detergent, or going for a natural option to improve your towels’ softness. Eucalyptus detergents will give your towels a refreshing natural scent, while also lending important protection to the cotton fibres.

Despite what you might think, it’s best to avoid using fabric softener when washing towels. Similar to bleach and detergent, fabric softener can become trapped in the absorbent fibres of towels and build up over time. This can cause your towels to become smooth and lose their absorbency – so it’s best to skip the fabric softener and stick with just a small drop of detergent.

Make sure to check the label on your towel to see what temperature it should be washed at. Every towel is different, and needs different care to keep it feeling as fluffy and luxurious as possible.