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Paoletti Cushions

go premium with paoletti cushions.

A quality brand that’s been adding finishing touches since 1973, Paoletti invites you to enter a world of luxury with their stunning range of cushions. Characterised by their refined and decorative designs, Paoletti cushions are crafted from cotton rich blends and sumptuous velvets. Shop the collection today.

Whether your home décor is traditional, minimalist or luxury, we’re sure to have your perfect Paoletti cushion. With plain and patterned designs, you can indulge in everything from decadent art-deco geometrics to fabulous florals. Whilst perusing our Paoletti cushions, you’ll find a myriad of show stopping colourways with bright, neutral and jewel tones.

Paoletti Cushions


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We’re delighted to present our Paoletti cushion collection, providing you with luxurious cushions to add the finishing touches to your living spaces. This renowned brand creates decorative and distinct designs to bring sophistication to your home.

Plump up the cushions in style and discover an abundance of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Cushions are the ideal accessory for adding not only copious amounts of comfort and cosiness but endless glamour and personality. If you’re unsure on sizing, we have a handy guide on how to decide on the right size cushion for your seats.

Looking to spruce up your sofa-scape with sofa cushions, add opulence to the bedroom with bed cushions or perk up a tired armchair? Look no further. There are even water and UV-resistant outdoor cushions to add a polished look to your outdoor seating areas.

Whether your home décor runs with a luxurioustraditionalminimalist, or contemporary theme, with such a huge and diverse array of Paoletti cushions, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

a palatial colour palette.

A well-placed cushion in a colour you love can have a totally transformative effect on your rooms! And with a whole host of colourways to choose from, you won’t struggle to find your best-loved hue to complement your interiors. 

With our Paoletti cushions, you can opt for a luxurious addition with gold, silver, and champagne shades. Or perhaps you prefer the warm and regal jewel tones of emerald, ruby and jade. To create a colour scheme with all things pale and pastel, try blush pink, duck egg blue and ivory hues.

Looking to impress by adding a bright and punchy pop of colour? Browse fabulous fruity shades with vivid clementine, lush lime, hot raspberry, and yummy yellow shades. 

To achieve the sophisticated monochromatic look, there’s black, white, and navy cushions aplenty. Or if you favour more neutral and earthy tones, you’ll find moss and sage greens, mineral blues, and mocha browns.

paoletti patterns.

Our Paoletti cushions encompass a whole host of impressive, patterned designs. Much like colour, a pattern can make all the difference to how a room feels. They draw the eye by creating a sense of movement and flow. 

Time to add motifs to your cushion collection? Express yourself with everything from decadent art-deco geometrics and swirly paisley patterns to exotic animal prints and beautiful botanical designs. 

Layering plain cushions atop a patterned sofa can help to bring out the colours and add depth to the living room. Or if you’re a maximalist that just loves to clash patterns, don’t let us stop you – go crazy! 

With so many gorgeous cushions to choose from, it can be a daunting decision to make. The question of patterned or plain may be crossing your mind. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Many of our Paoletti cushion covers feature a stylish plain reverse, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

premium materials.

With a cushion, it’s all about the materials. And with our Paoletti range, you’re in for a real treat. Renowned for its exceptional and durable materials – you’ll discover cushions crafted from the finest of fabrics that’ll last you for years to come.

Expect to see texture galore with everything from 100% cotton, lustrous velvet, and luxurious linen so sumptuous you’ll never want to leave the sofa. Browse jacquard weaves and lavish leather feels to add glam vibes to the bed-scape. Or breathe new life into your home with classically soft polyester blends. 

Cushion fiends come forth! Featuring contrasting piped edges, boho tasselled fringes and pom-pom trims, showstopping embroidered details and smart Oxford borders, everyone’s covered in our Paoletti cushion range.

considering fillings + cushion covers?

Many of our cushions are available to buy as a cover only option. This is perfect for if you already have a cushion pad and simply want a brand new cushion cover to liven up the living room. Looking for the whole works? Choose between deluxe feather and polyester for a ready-filled cushion. If you’re stuck between the two fillings, our cushion inner pads buying guide will help you out.

All our Paoletti cushion covers are complete with a hidden zip closure. This means they’ll sit sleek and stylish, keep your cushion pad safe and secure and are easily removable for whenever your cushion cover needs a wash.

If you need extra advice on which cushion’s the one for you, take a look at our cushion buying guide for more info.

who is paoletti?

Despite its quintessentially Italian name, Paoletti is based in Yorkshire and regarded as one of the leading suppliers of soft home furnishings in the UK. Famous for their eye for detail and beautifully innovative designs – they’ve been providing exquisite and unique designs since 1973.

Fallen in love with the luxury of Paoletti? Shop the full Paoletti range.