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Linen Duvet Covers Sets

nestle into natural luxury with our linen duvet covers.

Indulgently soft, naturally sustainable and an iconic look that’s been on-trend for centuries – linen needs no introduction. Whether you’re after breathable 100% linen fabric that’s snug in every season, or treated cotton alternatives that offer the classic crumpled look for less – find your dream linen duvet cover set with our luxurious collection. Shop the collection.

Our slumberous selection of linen duvet covers is every sleep-lover’s dream. Explore the finest 100% linen covers that set the standard for airy comfort, strength and sustainability; or go with enzyme-washed linen look duvet cover sets that offer the look without the premium price tag. Linen is sustainably sourced from organic flax fibres, so you’ll be showing both yourself and the planet some love.

Linen Duvet Covers Sets

linen duvet cover sets at

Our quality selection of linen duvet cover sets reimagines the long-standing look of linen for the contemporary home. From 100% linen sets in serene grey and rose pink colourways, to pure cotton pastel greens that’ll give you the coveted crumpled look for less – there’s a linen duvet cover for everyone.

Our 100% cotton options are enzyme-washed and dried, meaning they’re treated with natural enzymes rather than harsh chemicals. This process gives the cotton that relaxed slubbed linen look, maximising softness while being kind to the planet.

Still unsure? Our handy bedding buying guide is packed with plenty of helpful tips. It covers everything from bedding basics to sizing, fabrics, weaves, thread counts and more.

what is linen fabric?

Linen is a sustainable fabric that’s made from the fibres of flax plants, which are extremely common flowering plants found across the world. The process begins with pulling the flax plants from the ground by hand. Seeds are taken out, and the fibres are treated with bacteria to loosen them from the stalk. 

These stalks are then squashed between two metal rollers, causing them to further break down and release even more fibres. The longest and softest flax fibres are taken, spun into yarns and then woven to create the sumptuous end product you see in our linen duvet cover sets. 

This whole process takes a lot longer than it does to harvest cotton. Linen is also much more difficult to weave, leading to a higher price tag down the line.

The resulting fabric is extremely strong and durable, while offering breathable comfort that’s ideal to tuck yourself up in year-round. 

why go for linen duvet covers?

Caught between cotton and linen, or just unsure of which bedding fabric is the best fit for you? We’ve already brought you our 7 incredible benefits of 100% cotton bedding, so make sure to check that out if you’re in need of some convincing. 

Linen and cotton bedding share a lot of similarities, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other – but there are a few standout qualities which might make linen the right choice for you.

The number one thing that sets our linen duvet cover sets apart from other fabrics is their strength. Linen can be up to three times stronger than cotton, due to the sturdy flax fibres which are longer and tighter-wrapped than those in cotton yarn. It’s extremely hard-wearing as a result, and will outlast most other fabrics while keeping in great condition.

Linen is also a dream to take care of, since it’s heavily resistant to dirt and stains. Its anti-static properties provide the smooth linen finish that stops the fabric from clinging to your body, and the same is true for stains. 

It wicks away moisture with ease, making sure you’re always fresh and comfortable through the warmer months. The organic fibres make linen hypoallergenic, and a perfect match for those with sensitive skin or allergies.