You’re helping us fight climate change.


Trees are the stuff of life, and a crucial part of the fight against climate change. That’s why, with your help, we planted just under 39k trees in 2023.


We plant trees with Ecologi
We partnered with Ecologi.

They’re an environmental organisation that funds tree-planting projects around the world. From restoring tropical rainforests in Kenya to planting mangroves in Madagascar, Ecologi plants trees in the places that need them most. The projects employ local villagers to plant, nurture and protect the trees – enriching the community by providing fair-wage employment and reforestation.

Over their lifetime, the trees will help combat climate change by absorbing carbon from the environment and creating oxygen. Trees also absorb other harmful gases like ammonia, sulphur dioxides and more.

With every order, you helped us plant the forest - a total of 38,970 trees in areas where they'll really make a difference.