Wallpaper FAQs

Wallpapering is a big project, so don't worry if you feel a little overwhelmed! From sampling our stunning wallpaper to hanging it with ease, our guides will help you find your way around your newest interior project. If you have any other questions, visit our general FAQs page or contact us - we'll always be happy to help.

jungle print wallpaper behind bed

general wallpapering FAQs.


what is paste-the-wall wallpaper?

All our wallpaper is ‘paste-the-wall’, meaning you don’t need to apply any paste to your wallpaper. Instead, use a brush or roller to apply the wallpaper paste directly to the surface of your wall. Start at the top and work your way down – pasting parallel to your guideline in thin, even layers.

Make sure you’re pasting the full width of your wallpaper strip, adding 2cm to ensure that the seams are pasted down and you’ve got plenty of room when hanging your next strip.

what paste do you recommend?

For best results we recommend using 'Solvite Paste The Wall Wallpaper Adhesive'.

how do I hang wallpaper?

Our wallpaper is simple to hang, but we've created a handy guide on how to hang wallpaper to give you some peace of mind - it's got everything you need!

how do I work out how much wallpaper I need?

Our easy-to-use wallpaper calculators are located on each wallpaper product page so you can work out exactly how many rolls of wallpaper you need.


wallpapering tricky areas FAQs. 


how do I put wallpaper on my ceiling?

Putting wallpaper on your ceiling is pretty much like doing it on walls, but you've got to be extra careful. It's best to have someone help you hold it up while you're sticking it. You can set up a solid platform like a board between a couple of ladders and start from a window, working your way across the ceiling.

how can I wallpaper around windows?

To wallpaper around windows, start by hanging a strip over the window and marking where the corners are. Then, cut along those marks to make flaps, which you can fold and stick onto the window frame. Make sure to trim any extra for a tidy look before moving on around the window, keeping an eye on matching up the patterns.

how do I handle wallpapering around corners?

For wallpapering around corners, give yourself a bit of extra paper, about 2.5cm, to overlap so you don't end up with gaps. Measure and cut your strip, making sure it overlaps the next wall a bit. Use a plumb line or just your eye to keep it straight, and when you're done, carefully slice through both layers for a seamless join.

can I jazz up a feature wall with wallpaper?

Absolutely! Creating a feature wall with wallpaper is a great way to make a statement. Start from a corner or the center, depending on your pattern, and use a level to keep it straight. If you want it to blend in perfectly, consider painting the edges of the wall to match.

how do I deal with wallpapering around sockets and switches?

Safety first! Turn off the electricity and take off the covers before you start. After hanging your wallpaper, carefully cut an 'X' where the sockets or switches are, fold back the flaps, and trim off the excess. Once it's dry, pop the covers back on.

can I give my stairs a wallpaper makeover?

Of course - clean your stairs well and measure the height of each step. Make cardboard templates and cut your wallpaper to fit, then stick them on just like you would on walls.

how do I wallpaper behind radiators?

First, give the area behind the radiator a good clean. Then, spread the paste evenly and hang your wallpaper, marking where the radiator brackets are. Cut around them, and use a roller to smooth the paper behind the radiator for a neat finish.

what's the trick to matching up wallpaper patterns?

Matching up patterns can be a bit tricky, but luckily, our wallpapers come with borders to help you line everything up perfectly. Check out our wallpaper hanging guide for more tips on getting it just right.