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Bathroom Wallpaper.

be bold with our bathroom wallpaper.

The smallest room in the house deserves a style update. Lean in to your maximalist tendencies and go for a daring pattern or keep it subtle and serene with a beautiful finish – we’ve got exactly what you need. Our bathroom wallpaper collection has a wide range of styles, patterns and colours, perfect for your powder room, ensuite or family bathroom. Shop the collection.  Our sample service means that you can purchase across the full range, so you can see what your selection really looks like in your home. Once you’re ready to buy, our wallpaper calculator will estimate the amount of wallpaper you’ll need.


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All our wallpaper is paste-the-wall, a quick and easy alternative to traditional wallpaper. Instead of applying paste to the paper, and having to leave it to soak, you simply use a roller to apply paste the wall and you can hang the drop on the wall almost straight away. It’s more forgiving than paste-the-paper wallpaper, letting you cut and move it around while it’s on the wall. You can transform your room in half the time.

Our wallpaper is durable, wipeable and hard-wearing, ideal for family life.

Need more info on wallpaper? Take a look at our helpful wallpaper buying guide   it includes information like application types, design styles and more. 

how to choose wallpaper for your bathroom.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a tile, mirror and wallpaper combination in a bathroom. But how do you decide which wallpaper to go for?

There’s no reason why you can’t inject your personality into your bathroom, just like any other room in your home. Because they are generally small spaces, you can opt for a patterned wallpaper and it’ll have a huge impact – and bonus, you don’t need as much!

Going for glam? You could go for bathroom wallpaper with a gold foil effect, a feminine floral pattern or an animal print with leopards. Pair with gold or brass bathroom fittings, a gold mirror, a plush bath mat and thick, luxe towels for a opulent feel.

If you’re a devoted plant parent, then your bathroom could have a playful tropical theme. Think palm leaves and exotic animals with fresh, white tiles and lots of house plants. Add in pink towels for a pop of colour.  

can you wallpaper a bathroom?

Of course you can! You don’t even need specialist wallpaper to do it, you just need to be careful where you wallpaper. You should avoid splash areas, around the bath, above the sink and in the shower. But the rest? Go for it!

We’d recommend tiling, panelling or tongue & groove-ing up to dado rail height in your bathroom, with the wallpaper above it.

Still a bit nervous about using regular wallpaper? There are some things you can do to make sure it doesn’t peel off. Vinyl paper is a good choice, as it’s coated with a thin coat of plastic. This makes it more resistant to moisture.  

Make sure you prep your bathroom wall really well. It should be free of any tiles, grout, cracks or holes before applying wallpaper. Then, use a really strong wallpaper paste to apply the drop to your wall.

Ventilation is really important – it will draw moisture away from your stylishly wallpapered walls and out through the fan, preventing condensation from collecting.