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Bathroom Wallpaper

create a breathtaking restroom retreat with quirky bathroom wallpaper.

One of the most underutilised spaces in the home, show your lavatory the love it deserves with our stunning bathroom wallpaper. From tropical leaves to safari wildlife and subdued abstract prints – our signature designs span every interior style. Brighten your bathroom with shiny jewel tones, or keep it clean with sleek neutral shades. Shop the collection.

Take your porcelain palace to glistening new heights with our statement wallpaper for bathrooms. All our designs are paste-the-wall, saving you tons of time and hassle in the application process. Give your favourite designs a closer look with our £1 sample service, or find the precise number of rolls you’ll need with our handy usage calculator, which you’ll find on each product page.

Bathroom Wallpaper


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Who said lavatories couldn’t be lavish? Welcome to our beautiful collection of bathroom wallpaper, flooded with fabulous signature designs which we’ve made right here in the UK. Whether you’re wild for exotic vistas, a fiend for blooming florals or obsessed with dreamy abstractions – we’re sure you’ll find a perfect match in our marvellous range of prints.

All our wallpaper for bathrooms is paste-the-wall, offering a quick and easy alternative to traditional methods. Rather than having to soak the paper for hours, all you’ve got to do is apply paste to your wall, hang your paper and allow it to dry – cutting down transformation time by up to half. Paste-the-wall designs are a lot more forgiving too, allowing you to cut and adjust your paper once it’s already on the wall. Durable, wipeable and ultra hard-wearing – our bathroom wallpaper has no trouble handling moisture-heavy environments, or the general hustle and bustle of busy family homes.

Need a little confidence boost before you start your bathroom transformation? Head over to our inspiration page for a flourishing selection of guides, and design tips from our interior experts. Become a pro before you buy with our extensive wallpaper buying guide, explaining everything from designs to where you should use them. Feel confident fitting with our how to hang wallpaper guide, or embrace some inspo with our 7 gorgeous ideas to add a little luxury to your bathroom.

how to choose wallpaper for bathrooms.

From twinkling tiles and fittings to feature bathroom wallpaper – there are few things more satisfying than a well-curated washroom. But when it comes to planning a new look for your porcelain palace, knowing where to start can be tough.

Just like any other space in the home, there’s no reason why you can’t bring a little fun and personality to your bathroom. Because they’re generally small spaces, choosing any sort of patterned bathroom wallpaper will result in a huge impact – and bonus, you won’t need to buy as much!

If you’re craving a glam spathroom setup, go for luxe bathroom wallpaper with a gold foil effect, dainty printed florals or a fierce animal print. Finish with gold or brass fittings, a plush bath mat and thick, luxe towels for an irresistibly opulent feel.

Whether you’re a devoted parent of houseplants, or just like the sound of a nature-inspired decor – the bathroom is a perfect place to start experimenting. Look for quirky bathroom wallpaper with exotic leaf or animal designs. Go for fresh white tiles and lots of indoor greenery, then finish with plush pink towels or a tasteful pop of colour.

can you wallpaper a bathroom?

Of course you can! You don’t even need specially made bathroom wallpaper to do it, as long as you’re careful when applying. Avoid those all-too-common splash zones – around the bath, above the sink and inside the shower – but anywhere else? Prime wallpapering real estate!

However, we still recommend using tiles, panels or tongue and grooves to dado rail height (usually about one metre), and only wallpapering above.

Still a bit nervous about using regular wallpaper? There are some things you can do to make sure it doesn’t peel off. Vinyl paper is a good choice, as it’s coated with a thin coat of plastic. This makes it more resistant to moisture.  

You should also make sure your bathroom is properly prepped. It should be free of any tiles, grout, cracks or holes before you start wallpapering. Then, use a strong wallpaper paste to apply the drop to your wall. We recommend using Solvite Paste the Wall Wallpaper Adhesive with our products.

Ventilation is also key – it will draw moisture away from your stylish bathroom wallpaper and out through the fan, preventing condensation from collecting.