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Bath Mats

add a splash of colour to your bathroom with a non-slip bath mat.

Amongst our collection of bath mats, you'll find a large range of contemporary designs. Explore geometric, abstract and animal prints as well as tufted, textured and tasselled fabrics. All of our bath mats are made with an anti-slip quality to keep it securely in place on your bathroom floor. Discover round, semi-circular or rectangular shaped bath mats – there’s something to suit any bathroom size or style. Choose from cheeky slogans, abstract patterns and cute pom poms. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the perfect bath mat for you.

Bath Mats


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Discover our collection of beautiful non-slip bath mats. We’ve got everything from tiger-shaped bath mats to round tasselled numbers to thick, rectangular mats – so your toes will be greeted with something soft, absorbent and effortlessly stylish every time you get out of the shower.  

Don’t forget to grab yourself matching and complementary towels to make your bathroom feel put together.

how to choose your new bath mat. 

Choosing a new bath mat is an exciting process. Perhaps you know you need a new one – you’ve just moved into a new place or your old one is looking worse for wear – or you’re just taking a peek at the latest styles. Either way, deciding on a bath mat that’s right for you and the style you’re going for can be tricky.

You need to know how much room you’re working with. Is it big enough for a circular bath mat with tassels? Or do you need a more compact bath mat?

When it comes to style, we’ve got a bit of everything. A boho bathroom calls for a boho bath mat, and in that case tassels and texture are your best friend. Go for a mat that’s the same colour as the rest of the bathroom so that the tufted diamond pattern only adds to the beauty of your bathroom.

If you’re going for a luxe bathroom, look for a bath mat with a heavy weight GSM, so it’s ultra-soft under foot. Jewel tones are the perfect colour scheme for a glamourous bathroom, going with gold and brass like a dream.

how to wash bath mats.

Your bath mat, much like everything else in your bathroom, needs to be washed. It picks up dirt, hair and dust, and it may start to smell and even grow mildew if left too long! Of course, it won’t feel as fluffy and soft underfoot either.

How often should you wash your bath mat? You should be washing it every three to four weeks, or even more often if your bathroom isn’t very well ventilated.

The first step to keeping your bath mat clean is to vacuum it, or take it outside and shake the visible dirt from it. Then, check whether it can go in the washing machine. If it can, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. The higher the temperature of your wash, the more likely it will kill bacteria and mould. It should be a gentle cycle setting as the plastic backing may deteriorate if it’s an aggressive cycle.

Once it’s done in the washing machine, you may be able to put it in the tumble dryer too. Your bath mat will also be totally fine line drying outside or on a radiator (and it’s a bit more eco-friendly!).