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Green Blinds

unwind with a green blind.

Get green on the scene with our stunning collection of green blinds. With a choice of either pleated roman or modern roller blinds, there’s something to add style and sophistication to your unique home décor. Discover ready made and bespoke made to measure blinds to ensure the perfect fit at your window. Shop the range.

Whether you prefer the paler tones of sage and pistachio or like to go dark and earthy with forest and moss hues, we have the ideal green blind for you to update your spaces. Plain or patterned, we’ve got the works. You can go graphic with geometrics, feminine with florals or eye-catching with animal print.

Green Blinds


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Find yourself leaning towards green? Look no further – breathe new life into your home with our stunning collection of green blinds. No matter your home décor style, we’re sure to have the perfect green blind for you to upgrade your spaces into a place you’ll love to spend time in.

Are you getting tired of curtains in every room? Or perhaps you have a window on the smaller side and think a blind would suit it best. Either way, a blind is a practical and stylish home accessory that provides all-important privacy, warmth, and darkness to your rooms, as well as plenty of personality. 

roller or roman?

In our collection of green blinds, you’ll find both roller and roman blinds. You may be wondering what the difference is… let us explain. Roller blinds are more on the contemporary side, minimal and super-easy to use – making them the perfect choice for the bathroom or kitchen. Roman blinds have a little more luxe to them – with pleats, folds, and volume, they’re a great addition to the living room or bedroom. 

Both come with all the fittings and easy to follow instructions so you can get your green blind up as soon as it arrives and in no time at all! Complete with adjustable cords and built-in child safety devices, our green blinds are ideal for a busy family life. 

Many of our green blinds are complete with 100% blackout features. Fitted with a three-pass opaque foam lining, they won’t only keep your rooms protected from any unwanted light, they’ll help to reduce noise and provide you with the utmost privacy. Keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer – you’ll also save yourself some extra pennies on your energy bill, it’s a win, win. 

Go for a ready made blind if your windows fit into one of the popular sizes. If your measurements don’t feature, don’t worry! We also offer a bespoke made to measure service across our full range of roman blinds, meaning you don’t need to settle for the nearest size, you can get it down to the last centimetre. 

all things green.

Going for a green theme in the home has so many benefits. In colour psychology, green is said to be soothing, relaxing, and refreshing. It’s a colour with strong connections to nature, so if you love the outdoors and want to bring it indoors… go wild. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of green to the bathroom, brighten up the bedroom, or provide some privacy to the hallway, our green blinds are more than up to the job. 

With a whole spectrum of green hues, you’re sure to find something eye-catching or easy on the eye. Go classy with jewel-toned emerald or opt for a tranquil sea mist shade. If it’s a bright pop of pistachio or splash of calming sage you’re after, you’ll find them in our collection. Fancy something dark and earthy? Discover moss and thistle hues too.

We’ve patterns galore printed on our green blinds. Whether you’re in search of a striking design or a more minimal motif, with our green blinds, there’s loads to see. Make a statement with a bold geometric print or go feminine with florals. Opt for a jungle print if you want to add a modern and exotic touch to your interiors. If you prefer a minimalist plain-dye, there’s plenty of those, too. 

Our patterns are printed onto super-soft and durable fabrics. Whatever look you’re wanting to create in your rooms, there’s a myriad of materials to achieve it. Go for a cosy décor with faux wool! Or opt for all things elegant with soft velvet or chenille. For something incredibly hardwearing, there’s stain-resistant polyester blinds. Or try it traditional with a gorgeous jacquard weave. 

what colours go with green blinds? 

So, you’ve figured out green is the one for you and now you’re wondering how you’re going to fit it into your colour scheme. We’ve got all the tips to help you on your way. Going by colour theory, green is at the centre of the colour wheel so goes well with both warm and cool tones – this makes it an extremely versatile colour to complement. 

Try something refreshing and pair your green blind with stark white. This will make for a minimalist interior that feels uncluttered, light, and airy. Get this lush look by painting your walls white and creating a crisp and comfortable bed-scape with a white bedding set and a green cushion.

Curate a warm and cosy atmosphere and introduce orange accessories to go with your green blind. Think olive or forest green matched with burnt orange for a colour contrast that feels like being enveloped in a big hug. Drape an orange throw over the sofa or bed to add loads of texture and effortless snugness. 

Go for a luxurious colour arrangement and marry your green blind with gold. Gold has yellow undertones – and green is made up of yellow – which means they complement one another perfectly. If it’s in the bathroom, you can achieve this by including glitzy gold tap fittings and golden-yellow towels. It’s the ultimate colour combo to create a feeling of decadence. If you’re opting for this look in the living room or bedroom – think about introducing gold cushions into the mix.