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Natural Blinds

 go refined with a natural blind.

Add the finishing touches to your windows and go neutral with our stunning collection of natural blinds. Browse pleated roman blinds and contemporary roller blinds to create a home unique to you. With both ready made and made to measure blinds, you’re guaranteed the perfect fit at your window. Shop the range today.

Delve into our natural blinds and discover an assortment of gorgeous neutral hues with everything from beige and hessian to ivory and nude shades. Whether you prefer a patterned or plain natural blind, we’ve got both – find modern geometric prints, traditional tartan designs, and eye-catching floral motifs to update your spaces in style.

Natural Blinds


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Get the natural look at your window with our gorgeous range of natural blinds. Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your interiors or change up your colour scheme to include beige, look no further! No matter your home décor, we’re sure to have the perfect natural blind to update your spaces.

Blinds are a vital accessory in the home. Not only are they practical by providing privacy, darkness, and warmth, they’re super stylish too and add texture, colour, and personality into any room you choose to install them in. 

roller or roman? 

Delve into our collection of natural blinds and you’ll find a choice of natural roller blinds and natural roman blinds. What’s the difference, you ask… Our roller blinds are simple and minimal in both look and mechanism – manufactured from a stiffened fabric, they’ll look the part in contemporary and scandi homes. They come in a variety of popular ready made sizes to fit your windows. 

Our roman blinds are perfect for anyone who loves it luxurious. With folds and pleats, they flow down effortlessly to create a voluminous, layered look at your window. At furn., we understand that no two windows are the same, that’s why our roman blinds are available to buy as both ready made and made to measure options. You tell us your window measurements and we’ll send you your bespoke natural blinds – simple as that.

Both our roman and roller blinds come complete with all the fittings, fixtures, and easy to follow instructions to get your blind up quickly and easily. They also feature adjustable pull cords and built-in child safety devices, making them the ideal option for homes with young families.

au naturale.

With its many soothing hues, natural beige creates a cosy and warming atmosphere. It’s simple, sophisticated, and subtle and with its yellow undertones, it’s super easy on the eye, and easy to style into your interiors. Beige is great because it has all the warmth of brown and freshness of white without being too dull or too harsh. 

Our collection of natural blinds encompasses a wide array of gorgeous natural colourways for you to create the look you’re yearning for. Browse through and expect to see everything from fawn, biscuit, and taupe hues to ivory, linen, and sandstone shades.

Do you love to make a statement with patterns? Or prefer to go block-coloured with plains? Either way, we have a plethora of breathtaking designs for you to transform your rooms instantly. With traditional tartan, classy marble effect, jazzy jungle prints, and eye-catching floral motifs you’re sure to find your perfect natural blind. 

fabrics + features.

Find all our stunning patterns printed upon an array of sumptuous and hardwearing fabric compositions. If you’re looking to infuse your rooms with elegance, opt for irresistibly soft velvets or deluxe 100% cotton for the most effortless of drapes. Up the cosy vibes and get tons of texture with woven and faux wool numbers, or opt for robust, stain-resistant polyester if your home is prone to happy accidents every now and again.

Loads of our natural blinds are complete with 100% blackout features. Fitted with a three-pass lining, they’ll block out all light, absorb noise and prevent draughts – perfect for light sleepers! The blackout lining also means they have thermal qualities which will keep you toasty in the winter and cool throughout the summer months, as well as saving you some money on your energy bill.

what colours go with natural blinds?

We’ve got good news for your colour scheme! As a neutral colour, our natural blinds go with pretty much everything. Whether you’re looking to create a dramatic vibe in the bedroom, something fresh and light in the living room, or a bathroom on the loud and vibrant side, look no further – our natural blinds will fit right in. 

Add instant glamour to your bedroom by pairing your natural blind with red and black home décor. Whether you opt for warm or loud tones, red will help to add warmth, richness, and depth to the room. The black will work as a contrast colour for the natural blinds to really pop. Offset your natural blind with a backdrop of dramatic black wallpaper and create a statement bedscape with a natural duvet set, black velvet cushions, and a red throw

Go light, bright, and fresh by pairing your natural blind with white. Although they may seem close in colour, when placed next to one another, the beige will feel warmer and darker and the white starker and cleaner. It’s a gorgeous colour combo that works well in minimal and scandi homes where the aim is simplicity. For a living room running with this colour palette, match your natural blind to plain white walls, a sleek white sofa draped with a natural throw and scattered with white cushions. Add some modern white lighting into the mix for an ambient glow. 

For something lively and vibrant, opt for a bright shade of blue to go with your natural blind. This colour arrangement is great for the bathroom where a spa-like feeling is a big yes. Blue and beige work together to create a feeling of lightness and calm whilst still being intense and invigorating. Add a mosaic of blue tiling around your sink and bath and display piles of plump blue towels to wrap up in after your morning shower.