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Tiger Cushions

welcome in some wild majesty with fierce tiger cushions.

Breathtakingly elegant, fierce and strong contenders for queen of the jungle – the majestic symbol of the tiger can make an impact in any decor scheme. Whether you’re an animal cushion obsessive or simply love a splash of orange – we’ve got detailed tiger cushions, abstract prints and watercolour-style designs in a range of neutral, muted and radiant jungle hues. Shop the collection.

Bring the ancient power of the tiger right to your home with our spectacular selection of tiger cushion covers. Many of these designs are hand-drawn and painted right here in the UK at our Yorkshire design studio, and head for manufacturing at our factory in Staffordshire. Our talented design team spend hours perfecting each signature design, ensuring your home ends up with a cushion that’s closer to a work of art.

Tiger Cushions


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An ancient symbol of strength, power and fearlessness that’s considered in some cultures to possess divine powers – you don’t get much more majestic than the striking Bengal tiger. From vivid contrasts of black and coral to kaleidoscopic splashes of bright watercolour shades, we’ve got plenty of bright and bold designs that capture the exotic spirit of the safari. For quieter celebrations of the tiger’s power, we’ve got pared-back and neutral white options that offer a more subdued take.

Got your eye on the tiger? Make sure to prowl your way through the rest of the jungle-inspired decor in our tropical home furnishings collection. From bedding flourishing in leafy jungle florals to cushions crawling with peacocks, leopards and more – we’ve got everything you need to transform your home into a fully fledged tropical paradise.

Feeling uninspired? Make your way over to our blog for an impressive spread of how-to guides and handy styling tips. We’ve run through everything from finding the right covers and filling for your cushions to choosing the right cushions for your interior.

how to choose tiger cushions.

Whether you’re looking for the detailed drama of an elaborate jungle vista, the vividly bright shades of a hand-painted design or the quiet elegance of a neutral print – we’ve got tiger cushion covers to suit all manner of interior styles.

If you’re more of a minimalist, we’ve got plenty of toned-down designs that’ll bring all the symbolic beauty of the tiger without the intense palette. We’ve even got plain velvet options in rich jungle hues if a full-on tiger illustration feels like too much. Or, go for one of our neutral options with a more subdued tiger design. Even if you typically like a more stripped-back look, introducing one of our more dazzling tiger cushions as a show-stopping statement piece is always a great option.

how to style tiger cushions.

There are endless ways to work one of our stunning tiger cushion covers into your decor, regardless of what style you’re currently working with. While the designs are unique and eye-catching enough to stand on their own styling merits, there’s plenty of ways you can tie in the tiger theme with the rest of your decor.

If you’re a fan of leafy prints, animal illustrations and maximalist designs – there’s always the option of going with a wall-to-wall tropical aesthetic. Pile up a few of our vibrant tiger cushions on a tropical duvet cover set if you’re styling a bedroom, and frame the look in bright jungle or white wallpaper to keep things feeling open and airy.

For a modern twist on the tropical style, use a more muted tiger cushion as a statement piece, and create a backdrop of plain cushions in bright whites and nature-inspired hues. Factor in plenty of indoor greenery, soothing beige wallpaper and furniture woven from organic fibres like seagrass. You’ll end up with a breezy island interior that feels totally tropical but effortlessly contemporary.