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Abstract Towels

lose yourself to dreamy softness with our abstract towels.

Hypnotic, expressive and beautifully vivid – our collection brings abstract towels far beyond function. From sophisticated stoney hues to thick honey ochres, the colour scheme ranges massively in tone and temperature – allowing you to make your space as invitingly warm or as coolly refined as you like. Shop the collection today.

Create the abstract towel set of your dreams with our handy sizing options. We offer everything from dainty face cloths to plush hand and bath towels, to big draping bath sheets that exude luxury. Simply select your sizes, add to bag, and you’ll have a matching towel set worthy of the spa. With 100% soft cotton, 550gsm fabric thickness and a non-fading design – you’ll enjoy soft, plump and breathtakingly bright towels far into the future.

Abstract Towels

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Our dreamy range of abstract towels features a refined selection of signature designs, hand-drawn at our studio in Yorkshire. We’ve got everything from mystical eyes to line-drawn figures, brought to life with cool stony neutrals and warming pastel shades. 

With our handy sizing options, it’s never been easier to create your very own abstract towel set. Simply select your sizes, add to bag, and your bathroom makeover will be on its way. Choose from dainty face cloths, plump hand and bath towels, and extravagant bath sheets that exude luxury.

Our abstract towels dry as good as they look, with our soft and highly absorbent cotton fabric providing an effective dry that’s gentle on skin. The 550gsm fabric thickness guarantees plump comfort every time, and effortlessly absorbs moisture for an efficient drying process.

Need some advice? Our handy towel buying guide covers all the finer details, making sure you find the ideal abstract towel for you.

how to style abstract towels.

Often thrown absent-mindedly on the bed, or hung without care on a rack – it’s safe to say that towels are an underused feature in many interiors. While they’re a trusty functional item we use to dry ourselves off, towels can also be used to introduce colours, patterns and designs to a space.

Just like a rug or throw, towels have the ability to bring a sense of softness and inviting warmth to a space – and there’s no space that needs warming up quite like the bathroom. 

Full to the brim with sparkling white ceramics and hard clinking surfaces, the bathroom can take on quite a cold and clinical look if it’s not warmed up with some nice soft furnishings. Bath mats, gently-hued wallpaper and some laidback wall art can all work great – but don’t underestimate the power that well-styled towels can have in furnishing your bathroom. 

Our collection brings texture, colours and layers of style to your bathroom aesthetic – all while coming out on top for function, too. If your bathroom feels a bit cold and dreary, look for warmer-hued abstract towels to usher in feelings of cosy bliss. Deep mustard or ochre, as well as burnt orange and earthy browns work great, and will bring an effortless wave of warmth to your bathroom decor. 

If you feel like experimenting further, try layering a few different shades on top of each other. Go with warm, coordinating neutrals to create an effect of layered depth, or switch it up with some bright shades for a splash of colour.

To introduce a luxe spa vibe to your bathroom, try experimenting with how and where you store your abstract towels. Bath trays are currently on trend, offering a fresh, elegant look while providing handy storage space. They’re a perfect place to pop smaller towels, face cloths, and whatever else you need handy while you’re bathing. We’ve got organic storage baskets that are perfect for housing abstract towels, while lending a quaintly rustic look to your interior.

Simply folding or rolling up your towels can be another easy way to give your bathroom a luxury feel. Create your own functional vignette by placing your folded towel on a tray by the sink – stacked neatly with brushes, soaps and whatever bathroom essentials you’d like.

Eager to learn more? Check out 7 gorgeous ideas to add a little luxury into your bathroom. It’s full of helpful information that’ll have your bathroom feeling like a porcelain palace in no time.