Made to Measure FAQs

Not sure how to tackle made to measure curtains and blinds? Not to worry - we've complied all of your frequently asked questions below, making the made to measure journey much simpler. From ordering a fabric sample, to measuring for your curtains and blinds and then hanging them, our FAQs will give you a rundown on everything you need to know. 

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 floral made to measure curtains

general made to measure FAQs.


what's the warranty on your made to measure products?

When you buy a made to measure blind or curtain, it comes with a solid 6-month warranty. It's got your back for any damages or defects, but it won't cover the regular wear and tear stuff. Check out our returns policy for more details.

what's the difference between ready made + made to measure?

Ready made items are pre-manufactured with fixed dimensions. Our ready made curtains come in a range of set sizes, specially selected to fit most standard window spaces.

Made to measure items are tailored specifically to your wants and needs, with multiple headings, linings and fabric options to choose from. We hand-make these curtains in our UK-based factory, and they are manufactured to fit your unique window measurements.

can I order a fabric sample before I commit to a made to measure order? 

Absolutely! You can order up to 10 free samples to find the perfect design for your space. Check out our guide on using fabric samples for more info.

what's the fabric weight of made to measure items?

The weight of our made to measure curtains and blinds varies depending on your chosen fabric, heading style, and measurements. Your selections determine the weight for a perfect fit to your style and preferences.


blind FAQs.


how do I measure for blinds? 

The correct method for measuring blinds depends on whether you want an exact or a recess fit. Check out our measuring guides for step-by-step instructions tailored to your windows.

how do I fit my blinds?

Follow the step-by-step instructions in our hanging guides for a hassle-free blind installation.

how do you clean blinds?

If your blinds need a freshen up, check out our cleaning guide for tips on cleaning them without damaging the fabric.

do roman blinds crease when they fold?

Our Roman blinds are meticulously crafted to minimise creasing when folded, thanks to the premium fabrics we use. Any creases on delivery will settle as the fabric hangs, ensuring a smooth and elegant drape even with daily use.

how do you take down a Roman blind?

If you need to remove your blinds, simply release them from the headrail. Find more info on removing blinds here.

can roman blinds be cut to size?

Nope! Our Roman blinds are made to measure, so no alterations needed. Just measure your window and order the perfect fit.

should I add a lining to my blinds?

Opting for a lining adds a sense of luxury and lots of practical benefits. Choose from our made to measure Roman blind lining options for improved insulation, light control, and noise control.

are roman blinds safe in a house with young children or pets?

Absolutely! All our Roman blinds are child-safe and meet safety regulations.


curtain FAQs.


how do I measure for curtains?

Measuring for curtains is easy-peasy! Once you've installed a pole or track, measure its length to find the width of your curtains, then measure down to your preferred drop. Check out our step-by-step guides on how to measure for curtains for all the details.

how do I hang my curtains?

hanging curtains is a breeze, but if you need a hand, our fitting guide has got you covered with step-by-step instructions.

how can I clean curtains?

If your curtains need a refresh, our cleaning guide has tips on how to spot clean them without messing up the fabric.

how much are made to measure curtains?

The cost of made to measure curtains varies based on your choice of fabric, design, size, and more. So, the good new is, you can customise your curtains to fit your style and budget.

should I add a lining to my curtains?

Lined curtains look and feel a lot more luxurious, while providing lots of practical benefits. We offer a handful of curtain linings for practical benefits like improved insulation, light control, and noise control. Choose from options like cotton sateen, thermal blackout, and bonded interlining, depending on the look you're after. 

how do I put up a curtain pole or track?

It's super important to install your curtain pole or track before you measure and order your curtains. Just pick a suitable height above your window and use brackets to secure it. For more details, check out our fitting guide.

do curtains keep heat in?

Absolutely! Our curtains with thermal blackout lining or bonded interlining act as effective insulators, keeping warmth inside your home and making it more energy-efficient.

how long should curtains be?

The ideal length for curtains is up to you, but consider potential obstacles. Check out our measuring guides for insights on floor-length, pooled, and short curtains.

should curtains cover radiators?

For safety, don't cover your radiator with curtains when the heating's on. We suggest short curtains or tying back floor-length ones. Get more tips on measuring correctly in our measuring guides.

what's the fullness of your curtains?

Curtains may need up to 3 times more fabric than your width measurement for proper fullness. The amount depends on your heading style. We handle all adjustments, so no need to DIY.

do my curtains need a join?

Whether your curtains need a join depends on the width of your order. We handle joins to ensure a seamless appearance, hiding them within folds or pleats.