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gold velvet cushions

enrich your space with the gleaming regality of gold velvet cushions.

A warming, luxurious shade that’s got a knack for toeing the line between minimalism and maximalism – every home can benefit from a tasteful touch of gold. From intricate illustrations of animals to hypnotic geometrics embossed and embroidered on glistening fabric, discover your space’s latest showstopper in our collection of gold velvet cushions. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your luxury bedroom or complementing your sun-soaked living room with warming summer shades – you’ll find your perfect match in our gold velvet cushion covers collection. Many of our stunning designs are hand-drawn and painted at our Yorkshire studio, and move for stitching and sewing at our UK complex in Staffordshire. Choose from our plush duck feather or durable polyester inner pads, or order your cushion cover separately and fill it yourself.

gold velvet cushions


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From the gilded gowns of royals throughout history to the metallic accessories of the contemporary luxury interior – gold has always made a profound style statement. While it’s become synonymous with opulence and excess, the possibilities when decorating with gold are virtually endless, and just about any style of home can benefit from the addition of a gold accent or two. Go traditionally regal with a luxury embroidered option, or keep things quaint and cosy with one of our more laid-back designs.

Greedy for gold? Make sure to check out our full range of gilded accents and accessories, from gold console and side tables to glistening wallpaper in sweet champagne shades. 

If you’re running low on ideas, make sure to swing by our helpful blog for a whole host of guides and style inspiration. We’ve got a detailed guide on how to clean your velvet cushion covers, as well as our take on how many cushions you should have on your sofa.

how to choose gold velvet cushions.

While the associations of gold with luxury are strong, they’re not impossible to get around, and we’ve got plenty of gold velvet cushion covers that make an ideal fit in more laidback homes. Go quirky and make your space a paradise of playfulness with our pom-pom trim cushions, keep your feet firmly on the ground with our nature-inspired animal designs, or lean into the luxury aesthetic with oxford borders, jacquard designs and sheening crushed velvet.

If you’ve got lighter neutral walls in shades like white, beige or cream, it’s a great opportunity to make a glittering gold cushion really shine. Look for a brighter gold cushion with a gleaming metallic finish, and pop it in as a statement piece on your sofa or bed. If you feel like your space is lacking a splash of pattern, go with one of our quirky geometric designs for a stunningly eye-catching addition. We’ve got embossed, embroidered and cut velvet options that are guaranteed to steal the show in any space, and won’t need to rely on a chorus of complementary cushions to really feel at home.

how to style gold velvet cushions.

While decorators often feel apprehensive or intimidated at the thought of introducing gold to their home, the general perception of it as a difficult colour couldn’t be more wrong. While it can certainly feel showy and extravagant, gold pairs surprisingly with just about any colour, and the key to using it successfully is all about being economical and striking a tasteful balance.

For a contemporary luxury look that feels refined but relaxed, use gold velvet cushions as an accent to brighten up interiors based in black, navy or grey tones. Gold pairs seamlessly with all neutral shades, and will bring a certain sparkle that’s often missing from more pared-back interiors. Go with whitebeige or pale grey wallpaper to set a serene backdrop, and pop a few gold and navy cushions on your sofa or bed to instantly elevate the entire space. Polish off the look with gold metallic lighting and a glistening accessory or two, and you’ll have a stunning luxury aesthetic that feels effortlessly modern.

If you’re after something a little more laidback, use gold accents sparingly to bring out the shinier side of all-white interiors. If you’ve already got a room with white, cream or any pale neutral wallpaper – you’re off to a winning start. Popping a gold velvet cushion on white bedding will take your sleep sanctuary from plain to palatial, and topping it off with some shining gold fittings is a fast track to effortless elegance.