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Living Room Wallpaper

bring new life to your lounge with statement living room wallpaper.

With a wealth of colours, textures and signature prints to choose from – transform the social hub of your home with wonderful living room wallpaper. From sweet florals to funky geo cats and the dreamiest abstract forms, our eye-catching prints are destined to dazzle. Durable, wipeable, and easily applied – start your no-fuss transformation today. Shop the collection.

Our modern living room wallpaper is paste-the-wall, meaning it’s simple to hang and an ideal choice for beginners. No need for pasting tables or hours spent soaking – just paste your wall, hang the paper and adjust to your liking. Add some £1 wallpaper samples to your bag for a closer look, or find out how many rolls you’ll need with our nifty usage calculator, found on each product page.

Living Room Wallpaper


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Fall for your lounge all over again with our lavish selection of living room wallpaper. Generally the home’s largest space and centre for social gatherings, your living room should be a reflection of your unique style, expressing your personality and capturing guests’ attention all at once. Our signature designs are destined to make a statement, whether that’s with charming country florals, quirky abstract shapes or pared-back finishes that exude a sense of peace.

Hard-wearing, non-fading and designed for simple sponge cleaning – our modern living room wallpaper is practical as well as pretty. It stays looking its best for years, while our simple paste-the-wall application makes the hanging process a breeze. Enjoy a hands-on experience with our wallpaper sample service, offering as many samples as you need for just £1 each. Once you’re happy with your choice, discover exactly how many rolls you’ll need with our easy-to-use calculator on each product page.

If living room wallpaper is a whole new world to you, our inspiration page is stacked with guides and design tips that are great for building confidence. Start your wallpapering journey on the best possible note with our wallpaper buying guide, covering everything from patterns and textures to materials, application methods and more. Or, perfect the fitting process the first time round with our step-by-step guide to hanging wallpaper.

how to choose wallpaper for the living room.

There are many factors that go into choosing the right living room wallpaper for your home. From the size of your space to the amount of natural light it gets, to your individual tastes in colour and pattern, finding the right wallpaper requires quite a bit of thought.

If your space is on the smaller side, go for bright living room wallpaper with a small-scale pattern. Using lighter shades like white, cream and pale pastels on your walls creates a sense of space and openness, while smaller patterns will make your space feel bigger.

For north-facing living rooms that don’t get much sunlight, metallic wallpaper will bounce light around and brighten your space naturally. Look for white or light grey living room wallpaper with lustrous finishes, whether that’s luxurious marble or a glimmering embossed metal effect.

which walls to wallpaper in a living room.

The possibilities for decorating with wallpaper are constantly being improved and expanded upon, so deciding which walls you’re going to cover isn’t as simple as it might seem. From feature wall focal points to wallpapered ceilings, upholstery and more – introducing living room wallpaper can be as creative as you want it to be.

The classic method is to cover all four walls in your living room. This is an ideal approach if you’re after a more traditional look, with ditsy florals and flashy geometric patterns especially nailing that nostalgic, retro feel.

When deciding where to put your living room wallpaper, the much-loved feature wall is always a stylish choice. This involves applying paper to just one wall – usually a vibrant design or colour – and keeping the other walls plain to create contrast. Feature walls work best when there’s already a focal point on your chosen wall – be that artwork, a bookcase or a statement mirror.

If you’re looking for a contemporary twist, applying wallpaper to ceilings has become a common practice in recent years. As it’s quite a bold move, this tends to be reserved for statement patterns and colourways – but surrounding your space with a subtler design is great for creating a snug, enveloping vibe.