tibetan tiber wallpaper behind desk


our wallpaper process at furn.

Our paste-the-wall wallpaper makes your new interior project seem like a breeze, and we've paved the way to an even smoother adventure with our 4 step wallpapering process. Order a sample, use our wallpaper calculator to work out exactly how many rolls you need and hang it up using our useful guides. That's it!


step 1 - order a £1 sample.

The first step towards a life-changing decision, or that's what it might as well feel like. Knowing what wallpaper to pick can be tricky, which is why our sampling service allows you to order as many wallpaper samples as you'd like for just £1 each. Need more info on samples? Read our guide.


step 2 - measure.

Now that you've chosen the perfect wallpaper for your project, it's time to measure your walls. On each wallpaper product page, we have a calculator which will figure out exactly how much of our wallpaper you need and add any extra bits in for you. The calculation of the number of rolls required also includes a 10% wastage buffer for cutting.


step 3 - buy.

You've decided on a design and the number of rolls needed- the challenging part is over! Double check everything is correct and place your order.


step 4 - hang.

Hanging your paste-the-wall wallpaper is super quick and easy, and we've also created a handy guide that will take you through step-by-step instructions on fitting wallpaper.


If you have any other questions, visit our Wallpaper FAQs or contact us and we'll be happy to help.