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make your study a style statement with our elegant desks.

Crafting your own tranquil workspace within your home has become more important than ever, and it all starts with a solid and stylish desk. Whether you’re cultivating your home office or seeking out a quiet spot for recreational writing, explore chic contemporary designs and spacious desks with stacks of built-in storage. Shop the collection.

Our smartly styled desks are fashioned from the finest materials, from natural woods to sturdy metal frames and more. Spice up your home study with captivating retro designs in bright blooming shades, or keep it natural and no-nonsense with industrial raw wood tones.


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Everyone loves a bit of multifunctional furniture, and there’s few pieces quite as versatile as the humble office desk. Don’t let the name fool you, desks are by no means a fixture that must be confined to the office, and – believe it or not – you don’t even have to use them for serious stuff. Whether you’re a remote worker, gung-ho gamer, amateur artist or need a sewing table for your spare time – a stylish desk makes the perfect flexible solution.

Curating your home office space, or beautifying your bedroom with a whole new set of decor? We’ve got a massive selection of living room and bedroom furniture to kit out your entire home, from heavy-duty chest of drawers to spacious shelving units, luxuriously plush pouffes and more.

If you’re fretting over furniture or struggling for style ideas, head over to our Inspiration Blog for a superb selection of expert guides and design tips. We’ve got a detailed outdoor furniture buying guide that’s a godsend for the sunnier seasons, as well as more general guides like how to create a timeless decor scheme.

desk dimensions.

How high should a desk be? How much space is needed behind a desk? Should it be floating in the middle of the room or tucked tidily in a corner? If you’re thinking of constructing a home office or carving out a corner for your computer desk, you’re going to need to think about sizing and dimensions.

Desks vary a lot in size depending on the style you go for. Our collection features options with a height of 55cm all the way up to 75cm, so make sure to break out the measuring tape and check that your chair and designated workspace are the right size.

If your desk is going to be floating in the middle of a room, leave about 76cm of space behind it, and about double that space in front to make room for any extra chairs that might be pulled up. For desks resting against a wall, leave somewhere between 140cm and 170cm of space behind them. This will allow you to comfortably leave your chair and walk around the back of it once work time is over.

how to decorate a desk.

What’s a desk without some drama? Whether you’re determined to make the workday go by a bit quicker, or simply want to season your workspace with a sprinkle of personality – we’ve got a wealth of accessories and decorating ideas to help get you there.

Minimalist desk designs are a big hit, and when you think about the value of desktop surface area it’s not difficult to see why. A cluttered desk is the last thing you want to wake up to at the start of a hectic workday, so keeping things clear, clean and calming is a popular styling approach. Stick mainly with functional decorations like a desk lamp or mantel clock, but don’t be afraid to make them eye-catching and stylish.

Adding a pop of colour to the walls is a great way to liven up your workspace without sacrificing any precious desk real estate. Inspiring wall art or a mini wall mural will make your workspace feel like a freshly painted paradise, and topping it off with some indoor wall plants or shelved florals will create that vital fresh-air effect.