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Silver Wallpaper

find your cloud’s lining with sparkling silver wallpaper.

The glamorous sister of grey – take your space to glimmering new heights with chic silver wallpaper. From personality-filled prints to textured vinyl crosshatches and swirling marble moments – discover a radiant range of signature designs. Keep it sleek with a matte finish, or let your space sparkle with a shimmering embossed metal effect. Shop the collection.

Using a simple paste-the-wall application process, our silver wallpaper offers an easy-peasy hanging process that’s perfect for beginners. It’s also highly durable, wipeable and non-fading – meaning stains and splashes won’t pose a problem. Order unlimited £1 samples to feel fully confident in your decision, whether you’re transforming your kitchen or seeking silver bedroom wallpaper for a shiny night’s sleep.

Silver Wallpaper


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Perfect for turning your space into a cool, glamourous haven – spread some sparkle on your walls with our silver wallpaper collection. Go with subtle mélange vinyl and metallic cross hatches for a sophisticated look, or explore the fun side of silver with abstract prints, tropical florals and luxe marble finishes. Choose from shimmering silvers, embossed metallic finishes and minimalist beige grey tones.

Our entire range of silver wallpaper is durable, wipeable and non-fading, making it perfect for busy spaces and family homes. It’s easy to apply too – just paste your wall with a roller, hang your paper and allow it to dry. There’s no need to soak your paper or spend hours at a pasting table, and transforming your space has never been quicker.

Not sure how much wallpaper you need? Find the number of rolls required for your space with our handy calculator, found on each product page. Order unlimited wallpaper samples for just £1 each, and get a hands-on experience with the stunning designs, textures and colourways on offer.

Need help deciding which silver wallpaper is right for you? Take a look at our handy wallpaper buying guide, which covers everything from materials and designs to how to use wallpaper in your home. Then, get a step-by-step breakdown of the fitting process with our comprehensive guide on how to wallpaper.

what colour goes with silver wallpaper?

Silver is often used as a metallic accent, but why not be brave and make it the main event? It’s a cool-toned, glamourous colour that fits numerous interior styles – the most obvious, of course, being luxe. So, if you’re looking at using silver wallpaper in your home, what colours can you pair with it?

Keep it fresh and pair your silver wallpaper with white. A perfect colour scheme for bathrooms and kitchens, you can keep your white fittings and simply change the walls for an elegant, lustrous look. Add in some shimmering accent pieces like brighter grey cushions and throws for that extra level of luxe.

Sleep in cosy sophistication by pairing silver bedroom wallpaper with rich royal blues and navy accents. Navy’s moody darkness will balance out the sheen of silver, creating a cool-toned but soothing space. Bedrooms are all about bundling up, so don’t forget cosy textures like waffle, bouclé and brushed cotton for optimum boudoir bliss.

Create a super chic and feminine space by complementing silver wallpaper with dusky pinks and other pastels. Go with a silver feature wall for the ultimate statement, and paint the rest of the room with your pale pink shade of choice. Introduce other jewel-toned accents like gold cushions and curtains for an elevated colour scheme that will thrive in any space.