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Purple Curtains

bring some wonder to your windows with majestic purple curtains.

From luscious lilac and lavender to dulcet hues of mauve and plum – nothing brings extravagance to an interior quite like purple. Our purple curtains collection is rich in signature designs and sumptuous fabrics, from fresh summer florals to hypnotic geometric designs, all available in a stunning range of light and rich purple tones. Shop the collection.

Our affordable ready made curtains range is the perfect option for standard window spaces, while our bespoke made to measure service offers tailored sizing and up to 5 FREE fabric samples if you want a closer look. Keep things traditional with pinch and pencil pleat curtains, or embrace a touch of the contemporary with our stainless steel eyelet options. We’ve got 3-pass 100% blackout curtains that keep those morning chills and glares at bay, as well as plenty of lighter options if you fancy a breezier feel.

Purple Curtains

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Every interior obsessive wants a stroke of magic at their window space, and our purple curtains offer the quickest and easiest way to get there. From lush lavender and lilac curtains that bring bundles of floral beauty, to plum and mauve curtains rich in sophisticated sweetness, you’re sure to find your perfect match in our stunning collection. Go with purple ready made curtains if you’re working with a standard window space or need something more affordable, or make shading those fussy bay windows a breeze with our purple made to measure options.

Passionate about purple? Why not check out the rest of our purple home furnishings – from orchid-toned cushions to purple bedding that’s perfect for bundling up in. If you’re on the hunt for new curtains but aren’t quite sure where to start, our inspiration blog is packed full of everything from handy guides to expert design tips. We’ve got a curtain-buying that provides the perfect starting point, as well as detailed measuring guides for every curtain style under the sun.

Our pinch and pencil pleat curtains bring an elegant, sophisticated look that’s an ideal fit with more traditional and country-style interiors. If a stylish contemporary twist is more up your alley, our stainless steel eyelet headings offer an effortlessly sleek touch of relaxed style. Our curtain designs are printed and woven on the finest quality fabric, from luxuriously heavy chenille and velvet to crisp polycotton that offers a breezier feel.

what colours go with purple curtains?

Combining the soothing influence of blue with the fiery passion of red – purple is a uniquely characterful shade. Representing creativity, royalty and magic according to our colour psychology guide, purple is known for its personality, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got anything to fear when introducing it to your home. From the pale tranquillity of soft lilac shades to the showstopping impact of violet – we’ve got purple curtains to suit just about any interior taste.

If you’re looking to stay on the more pared-back side of purple, gentle lilac and rosy plum curtains pair beautifully with softer neutral hues. Use white or pale grey wallpaper to create the perfect airy backdrop for your purple curtains, and bring in a warming touch with brown scatter cushions and a creamy beige throw. Striking black wallpaper will dial up the drama while keeping your space looking sophisticated, and works particularly well with deeper purple shades and contrasting white cushions.

A basic understanding of colour theory will tell you that purple is far from short on bold and bright complementary hues. Saturated tones of orange, green and rich butter yellow all make for a powerful contrast with purple curtains – giving warmer purple tones in particular a whole new sense of character. Rich purple shades of indigo and violet feel regal and sophisticated in front of butter-yellow wallpaper, and some carefully placed metallic gold accessories will work wonders in cementing the luxury look.